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Area rugs custom fit to your home

Custom area rugs can add that extra something every homeowner needs in specific areas; whether it's an added layer of design or additional protection in busy spaces, these pieces shine. You might be surprised to find that a rug could be just what you need in one or more rooms in your home.

What do you need from your custom area rug?

Some homeowners require the very best in appearances and visual appeal, and these rugs can work directly to that requirement with ease. Since you get to choose your fibers, colors, styles, and binding, you can build the perfect look for your unique décor. Each option has multiple possibilities, and the combinations you can create are nearly endless.

For those who require added levels of durability, many of the same factors come into play. Choosing fibers created to withstand heavy traffic and resist stains helps to give your flooring an added layer of protection against wear. Since they are easily moved, they are also easy to clean and repair, should that need arise.
A personalized binding is another way to make these area rugs your own. Choose from regular binding, serging, or fringing to meet your specific requirements. Fringes are usually reserved for more minor traffic areas and less need for cleaning, as the edges can be caught in vacuum beater bars, causing damage.

Area rug lifespans vary based on the combination of choices you prefer. Some fibers last longer than others, while a good binding can help keep these floor pieces looking and performing well for years. If you have questions about the right choice for your particular level of traffic, be sure to visit us and speak with a flooring professional who can help you make the right decision.
Custom Area Rugs in Henderson, NC area from Carolina Carpet & Flooring

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At Carolina Carpet & Flooring, we offer excellent products and services for your flooring needs, no matter how large or small your flooring project. Our associates are friendly, experienced, and dedicated to your complete satisfaction with the flooring results you receive. Be sure to let us know your requirements, and we’ll help you with products geared specifically to your needs.

From our Henderson, NC showroom, we cater to Henderson, NC, Oxford, NC, South Henderson, NC, Willow Oaks, NC, and Westwood Hills, NC. If you’re in these areas, be sure to visit us when you’re ready to find the perfect floor covering or added extra. We look forward to providing area rugs that will serve you for years to come.