Area Rugs

What size area rug do I need?

An area rug dresses up a room and adds comfort underfoot. While home rugs are typically placed on hard surface flooring, they look great in a carpeted room, too. Consider the function of the space and the amount of foot traffic and looks when you choose the carpet fiber and style. Carolina Carpet & Flooring in Henderson, North Carolina, offers custom area rugs. Thus, we make it easy to get a rug that perfectly fits any space in your home. Our craftsmanship is superior, and our customer service is personalized.


You’ll get the upscale look you are working to achieve if you determine rug size based on furniture placement rather than room size. In a dining room, place a carpet under the table and chairs and allow the carpet to extend at least 24 inches beyond the chairs. In a living room or family room, place only the front legs of the furniture on top of the area rug.

No furniture

Runner rugs are ideal for spaces that don’t include furniture, like a hallway or a galley-style kitchen. There should be no more than six inches between the wall and carpet on all four sides of the room. In a larger kitchen, a runner rug can be placed between cabinets and an island. Or size an area rug to the length of the sink or other workspace.

In addition to large area rugs, family-owned Carolina Carpet & Flooring offers area rug binding. If you're laying new wall-to-wall carpeting in your home, order extra, and we'll craft a rug for you. Or choose one of the carpet remnants that we can cut to size. We also offer other services like flooring installation and repairs. We've been serving folks who live in North Carolina since 1989. Our service area includes Oxford, South Henderson, Willow Oaks, and Westwood Hills. Call, email, or visit our showroom in Henderson to get started on your area rug project.